Connor & Destiny | Millikan Farms Wedding | Highpoint, NC

Connor & Destiny | Millikan Farms Wedding | Highpoint, NC

Connor & Destiny - Millikan Farms Wedding | Nashville Wedding Photographer

Bryan & Christina - Franklin, TN

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Lauren & Joe - Franklin, TN

Lauren & Joe - Franklin, TN

Downtown Franklin Engagement Session | Franklin, TN

Josh & Katti - Huntersville, NC

"I have found the one who my soul loves" - Song of Solomon 3:4

Cole & Caroline - Gallatin, TN

June 11, 2016

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Emily Andreoli - Nashville, TN

Emily. I had the pleasure to photograph one of my dear friends this week as she starts her music career here in Nashville. Who would have guessed after 17 years we would both end up in the same city? I'm so glad I get to share life with Emily and the crazy adventure we have ahead as artists. Emily has a kind heart and is one heck of a musician!